The Studio

Welcome to "THE STUDIO", the place where all the magic happens. It's more than a working place to produce music. It's a place to become creative, get inspired, a place where encouragement and friendship is central.
A place to dream and unfold new ideas. The Studio ain't big - but the sound is!

Hey, I'm NIK

... and I am the musician and producer behind.

I was literally "born" into a music studio. Growing up in a musical family, music production got hold of me, and it didn't let go. Why should I?
It's the coolest thing on earth!

Meanwhile I'm married to my lovely wife Jenny and self employed as a music producer!

THe workstation

My studio is set up for modern music production. Which means, that I'm working on a digital workstation combined with selected analog components. The right combination of a digital workstation paired with the right analog hardware makes my studio not only a flexible, creative and fast rocking place to work, but also provides a high quality standard.


This is the gear-list for all gear nerds out there, including me! ;)

- Mac Studio M2 Max
- Apollo X4 Interface
- Avid S3 Mixing controller
- PSI A17 Studio Monitors
- AKG K712 Headphones

- Flea Audio
- Neumann
- Shure
- Sennheiser
- AKG & much more

- IGS Vanad

Microphones & Preamps supplied by

- Pro Tools Studio 2023
- Logic Pro X
- UA Luna

Waves, Native Instruments, UAD, Autotune, iZotope, FabFilter, Serum, Sylenth, Soundtoys, Softube, Toontrack, Splice, Antares, Melodyne...


- Final Cut Pro

- Nord Stage 4
- Roland VK-8
- Novation Bass Station II
- NI-A49
- Lots of Synths & Samplers

- Fender Telecaster
- Carruthers Telecaster
- PRS JM Silver Sky
- Tuscany Jazz Bass
- Gibson Midtown
- Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

Guitar AMPs
- Marshall Origin 20
- Bugera V22
- Hughes & Kettner
- Orange Micro Terror
- Yamaha Thr 100hd


As you may guess, Matthias Heimlicher is my father ....that's why I grew up in a musical family!

I learned the craft and lots of my production skills from my dad. Even though I now have my own studio, it is a great honor for me to still be learning and working alongside my dad.

He really is a true role model for me as a father, a human being and as a talented encouraging musician & producer!
Learn more about Matthias:

Working with all kinds of people is an incredibly enriching and encouraging experience. Especially when they become friends. Making music therefore is not a job in the first place. It's a passion and it's all about feeling & sharing the groove and simply have a great time with whom ever you make music.

Katy Delusion, Naehma, NASTENKA, Némi, Noemie, Tom Lane, Tony Hooper, Tom Hemby, Tony Morry, Andy Leftwich, Scott Walters, Anthony Skinner, Mark Douthit, Andrew Yarbrough, Marc Steiner, Matthias Heimlicher, Lothar Kosse, Klaus Bittner, Ralf Guske, Matthias Meusel, Marc Ebermann, Sam Schwalm, Aurelien Lefebvre, Josh Walter, Dave Bright, Janis Oppliger, Lorenz Schaller, Mischa Brun, Stefan Baumann, Komood, Emanuel Hunziker, Johnny on crack, Life On Stage

Personal Projects


Besides the work i do for customers i'm also working on my own projects.

Theres more to come!

Songwriting | Recording | Arranging | Mixing
Matthias Heimlicher, Lothar Kosse, Marc Ebermann, Ralf Guske, Sam Schwalm, Silas Sommer
Check the tune the artist:

Touch My Heart

Nik Heimlicher