Music Production

My main focus points are pop music, beatproduction, rock & worship music.


All you need is a well equipped recording studio and a patient audio engineer. ;)
Lucky you, I got both!
There is nothing that cannot be recorded. Well.. not everything should be actually recorded.... but you get the point.

Producing & Aranging

From simple beats to complex and big arrangements.
Recording a whole band or just you alone with your lovely guitar?
I'm well prepared for your personal needs.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing is like cooking - It's all about the right ingredients, their right amounts and correct use.
Don't worry - I won't use any kitchen tools - except the coffee machine.

Other topics I could help you with:

Session Musicans

I know lots of good and professional musicians.

string orchestra

A real orchestra will lift up your song in many ways.


Songwriting isn't that easy. I will help you!

Marketing & Distribution

Critical for your music to get heard.

production support

I'd be glad to give you some advices & support for your project.

The Journey of a Song

To better understand the whole process of a song, here a quick overview of all stages of the song production.

Every project has a lot of potential to unfold and its own story to tell.
So, let's be creative and make 'em to unique works of art.

Don't forget about those:

Your song is more than just "music".
It's a piece of art that needs to be shown and presented. That's were design, marketing & distribution comes into play. Whatever your requirements are, I'm well connected, have a lot of experience in the industry, and will provide you the right service you need.

Design & Format

Cover & artwork for CD, vinyl, digital release


Website, social media, music videos, ads, distribution, rights, Suisa, ect.


Radio promotion, playlist pitching and more

Do you wanna work with me?

I'd be glad to get my hand on your projects!
Leave a message down in the contact form.